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Hawkes Aviation



Hawkes Aviation​

  • We are an Aviation Consultancy that can provide expertise across the industry - Our consultants  have experience of working within an international environment, including Africa, the Middle and Far East, Europe and The Caribbean providing support to State Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Civil and Military Air Navigation Service Providers.

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  • We are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

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Exciting development​....

HEA is working with Skyverse  -  Founded by a team of Airline Captains, Air Traffic Controllers and cutting-edge Developers in response to the exceptional cost challenge to the aviation industry.

Skyverse develops applications to simplify tasks that are unwieldy with radiotelephony and datalink - Contact us to discover more!

We are experienced in producing effective Safety Management Systems for Aviation Organisations and assisting National CAA’s with preparation for ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audits and preparation of ICAO compliant regulations.


ANSP Certification, Crisis Management, Safety and Approvals, Research & Development Safety Support, Aerodrome Development, Safety Regulations, Safety Management, Contingency Planning, Aerodrome Safety Audits , Health & Safety assessments and more

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